There once was a little boy named Fred. He was a professional Mario Kart player. This is the story of his journey.

The beginning

Mr. and Mrs. Fred looked upon their new bambino, exclaiming, “We shall call him Drocious, and the world will know his power!” In the hospital, however, Senior Lu was waiting. He crept into the nursery and swapped his very own son, stealing baby Drocious for his own.

The Freds had no idea their tiny baby had been replaced by the baby Lu, their cooing continued throughout their stay.

The Middle

Baby Drocious and baby Lu grew up in distant cities, far away from one another. Not knowing anything about the swap, they each led happy lives with their doting parents. As Drocious aged, however, his powers started to emerge.

The Powers

Drocious, living with the Lus, never felt quite at home. Constantly, he was pretending to drive – in chairs, on the floor, on the plaground. Vroom, vroom, vroom. The Lus ignored Drocious’s childish obsession with cars, thinking nothing of the driving.


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