Telephones come in many shapes and forms. There are landline telephones, feature phones, smartphones, and likely other types as well. That is cool!

Each person with telephone service gets a special number, called a telephone number, that when dialed by another phone user, connect that person to their buddy.

People around the world have different telephone service carriers. The providers give access to features, functionality, and data with different costs and bandwidth allowances.


Computers also come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes, you may not even notice that something you use daily, like a car or a coffee maker, actually has a computer within it. Computers can be massive; they can be tiny; they can be powerful; they can be simple.


Smartphones actually serve as computers for many folks around the world. Whereas fully-fledged computers are often expensive and space-intensive, mobile smartphones that can access the internet claim a happy spot in someone’s pocket at low cost

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