Green Library

Here I am, back at the University library after 6 years away. I’m in the silent section, and it’s all I can do not to accidentally let my headphones “fall” out of the jack. Something about studiousness makes me want to throw a party and turn those frowns upside down.

The Cookie Monster

Something fun to do at the library is place plates of warm, freshly baked cookies in the middle of studying students. The key is not to say a thing – just place the cookies and walk away slowly. Odds are, no one will touch the cookies for about 22 minutes for fear that they are not meant to be eaten, or maybe worse, that they are laced with something naughty. Once a fresh-eyed student comes around to find a place to sit, however, they’ll undoubtedly choose the table with fresh cookies on it. The group will then offer the newcomer a treat, knowing that without pretense and with a happy nudge, the unsuspecting guy or gal will take a big old leap of faith straight into the cookie pile.

Study hall

Let’s take a look at some common definitions of the term “study hall” from Urban Dictionary:

  • Definition 1

Where one goes to look up and make new words on

  • Definition 2

a place where you can do your homework and stuff, and your being watched everywhere you look by teachers.

  • Definition 3

An extremely shitty place where you are detained by teachers and other authoritative figures.

Looking around this room, you would n ever know that Study Hall was that awful. In fact, it looks like most folks quite like it here.

That’s about it for my post!

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