Diversity in the Tech World

A Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. It has been a nice little day.

I woke up at about 7:30 and caught up on emails and a bit of news while toasty in my bed, knowing that as soon as I hopped out from under the covers I would be pelted by cold air. After a good 45 minutes of reading, deleting, and saving for later, I mustered the strength to creep into the cold. Mind you, I’m being a total sissy. It’s not that cold; it just feels like an affront to my system when I’ve been basically burrito’ed in blankets for ten hours.

After waking up, I put water on to boil and finely ground some fresh coffee beans per usual. I’m very evidently a coffee addict, and the routine of grabbing a delightfully strong pour-over and glutting it with half and half every day is something my brain has started looking forward to even before I wake. Water boils, coffee’s made, I’m happy. 

I put my laptop stand together, fired up my keyboard and mouse, and got the system warmed up by opening my standard tabs:

I have email and Hootsuite (a social media client) open most of the day and check in on them every so often just to ensure that there aren’t any fires to put out. Even though our beta product is rather stable, and there are few complaints on Twitter, I do like to respond to happy and vocal users with a digital high-five as soon as I can to make sure they know we are listening and that we love them, too. Slack is my go-to for team communication – both work and humor related. Working together for the last 4+ years, all day every day, we tend to converse really naturally and flow back and forth from serious work discussions to ridiculous jokes, laden of course, with just-as-ridiculous animated GIFs. I am on some WordPress.com domain at all times during the day – for internal communication, notifications, and most notably, for testing. Last but the opposite of least, our mobile and web Github repositories are open all day as I test and log new issues, review current milestones and triage issues, and see progress on current bugs and features.

On any given day, I try to focus either on mobile or on web product development. In practice, this means that I’m either testing web functionality on at least 3 browsers and whittling down problems with usability or functionality and logging them for specific developers or I’m jumping among my iPhone, iPad 2, and iPad Mini devices hammering the new functionality our team is responsible for shipping in the coming months. Of course, throughout the day, I’m working through mobile and web issues with members of the team, so attention-wise, I end up spending about the same amount of time on both iOS and web development problems each day.

Long-form post worked pretty well. Mas later!

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